Freedom Duck (thefortunateson) wrote in repubsunite,
Freedom Duck

Jingoists Unite!

If you have a 'Support Our Troops' magnet on your car that was manufactured in China, you might be a jingoist.

If, when you see her picture, you think "Cindy Sheehan just isn't as hot as Ann Coulter," you might be a jingoist.

If you've decided that French people are evil and so is their wine, you might be a jingoist.

If you giggle at joke pictures of abused prisoners and severed Iraqi limbs, you might be a jingoist.

If you hollar for Muslim blood and have a big American flag on your house, but you sew a Canadian Mapleleaf on your backpack before going abroad, you REALLY might be a jingoist.

So just drop in and have a look around... it's free.
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